Propane 2019/2020 Update

April 1, 2020


As we are all aware the 2019 harvest and winter season brought on a shortage of propane especially in the Midwest.  All propane companies were on extreme allocation starting suddenly in October and running all the way through the middle of January.  Many of our competitors were forced to stop delivering propane to any non-residential customers which meant farmers could not get propane to dry their crops.  These same companies did not honor their contract prices.


Blue Flame is proud to report we were one of the few propane companies in our area that NEVER ran out and also honored all our contract pricing throughout the entire season.  We purchase exclusively through a propane broker that help us build valuable allocation amounts to ensure delivery of product through the fall and winter months.  In addition, we have 130,000 gallons of storage on site which helps us maintain a good on-site inventory level.


We are hearing reports that this summer and winter could be another challenging season with terminals shutting down because they can’t afford to stay open and allocation running throughout the fall/winter season (and perhaps even during the summer months).  Therefore, if you have not yet contracted for the 2020/2021 season, call our office today!  Right now pricing is looking good for summer fills and for contract gallons!