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Phone Problems – Please Email to Reach Us!

Blue Flame’s Windstream phone system has been down since yesterday.  We are unsure of when it will be repaired.  Please email: if you need to reach us (please include your phone number so we can call you back immediately). ... Read More →

Propane 2019/2020 Update

PROPANE 2019/2020 UPDATE As we are all aware the 2019 harvest and winter season brought on a shortage of propane especially in the Midwest.  All propane companies were on extreme allocation starting suddenly in October and running all the way... Read More →


The flood waters caught many communities by surprise mainly due to the torrential rains this week.  In some cases that means that residential propane tanks may be covered partially or completely by flood waters.  If flood waters affected your tank, once the water receded, please contact us.  If we own your tank we will check it for damage for free.  If you own your own tank, we would be happy to check it for damage for just a small fee.  Please r...

Propane 101 – Reading Your Propane Gauges

DO YOU KNOW HOW TO READ YOUR PROPANE GUAGES? Be sure you are looking at the correct gauge.  Some of the tanks have fill gauges and pressure gauges.  In the picture below the gauge on the left is the fill gauge and the one on the right is the pressure.  Notice the pressure gauge goes to 300 and the fill gauge only goes to 95.  This is confusing as sometimes people read the pressure gauge and think that is the amount of propane they have in their tank.  Remember the gauges...