Blue Flame Propane, located in Letts, Iowa, provides propane and services for home, farm and business use.

Built on customer service, we also provide rental tanks, fill cylinders, maintain your tanks, connections hardware, and provide 24 hour emergency service.

Additionally, we’ll provide dust control for rural roads and other unpaved surfaces using all natural tree sap.

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The flood waters caught many communities by surprise mainly due to the torrential rains this week.  In some cases that means that residential propane tanks may be covered partially or completely by flood waters.

If flood waters affected your tank, once the water receded, please contact us.  If we own your tank we will check it for damage for free.  If you own your own tank, we would be happy to check it for damage for just a small fee.

Please remember it’s better to be safe than sorry when you are dealing with your propane tank or line issues!

Propane 101 – Reading Your Propane Gauges


Be sure you are looking at the correct gauge.  Some of the tanks have fill gauges and pressure gauges.  In the picture below the gauge on the left is the fill gauge and the one on the right is the pressure.  Notice the pressure gauge goes to 300 and the fill gauge only goes to 95.

This is confusing as sometimes people read the pressure gauge and think that is the amount of propane they have in their tank.  Remember the gauges fluctuate with temperature changes (See the Pressure Fill &Temperature Fluctuations Article in Propane 101 under the Newsletter Tab).




Propane Inventories Down – Prices are Up!

Everyone is asking why are propane prices so high this year? This fall/winter has created the perfect storm in the propane world.

First, the US is a net exporter of propane (we used to be a net importer) which has been steadily reducing our US propane inventories.

Second, our Northern states had a extreme crop drying season that not only used their local propane supply but also sent them south to get our propane supply.

Third, this extremely cold winter (record cold November and then our recent polar blast) had continued to stress propane supplies (the Northern states are still coming to the Midwest for supply).

We just saw a 27 cent increase in prices today alone! Unfortunately there is no end in sight and now recent weather predictions are calling for another polar blast heading our way next week!

Make sure you keep track of the gas in your tanks because we are on allocation right now and if the weather stays cold many propane companies are going to have to short fill customers! It’s best to have your tanks full in case this happens (regardless of these outrageous prices).

Call our office if you have any questions!

Holiday Schedule

We will be closed the following dates for the holidays:

Thanksgiving – Thursday November 28 & Friday November 29

Christmas – Tuesday December 24 & Wednesday December 25

New Year’s – Closed at Noon on Tuesday December 31 & and all day Wednesday January 1


Don’t forget to sign up for Dust Control!

We have found that applying dust control each year for several years builds a better base so it’s  important to never miss a year of dust control!

We apply environmentally safe, economical, natural tree sap. We apply two applications; one in May as soon as the counties release the roads and one in August. Don’t forget to sign up for dust control this year! Watch for sign up information coming soon in the mail.